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Come taste the wine, come hear the band, come blow your horn, start celebrating,your table's waiting
"People with no knowledge of history -
which is detrimental to society -
also have no knowledge of the history of art,
and thus also have no knowledge of the history of the small art of cabaret."

Werner Schneyder,
Austrian cabaret artist

"Come taste the wine,
Come hear the band.
Come blow your horn,
Start celebrating;
Right this way,
Your table's waiting..."

Sally Bowles
in the musical, "Cabaret"

This group is for posting on any type of cabaret, though my love is for the Munich timeperiod and how cabaret came to be from the south of Germany to what it is today. You can also post on here about Paris cabaret, American cabaret and any modern artists, musicans or films that are inspired by the period. Feel free to post photos of yourself in cabaret garb. My only rule is that you please put a LJ cut if you are posting a lot of photos, erotica or have a long story to tell! ;)

There is another group on here that I highly recommend, kunst_weimar, which tells more of the history of the time. I didn't know it existed when I made this group, but I feel like cabaret is good enough for its own group and conversation in itself. I have also provided a link to a site that has a lot of articles about the people and places mentioned in the Interests section.

A Brief History of German Cabaret
German Cabaret Links

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